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I am passionate about creative writing, which acts as an avenue to talk about issues or events that have made an impact on me. I have a few publications to my credit - a couple of professional articles, musings and short stories.

The stories I write reflect everyday life and my characters are often ordinary people, as I find even mundane life has many interesting facets to it. As much as the colorful image in the tapestry appeals to the eye, it is the plain background  that makes the image stand out. Similarly, I believe that every person has a story to tell and these stories are equally improtant!

I would greatly appreciate your comments and feedback on my posts.

A Spiritual Lesson for Life!

I grew up in a small town in the foothills of the Western Ghats, were people of different faiths lived in harmony for many years. Having grown up in a secular household, I had friends from different faiths. Like every other child I was fascinated and intrigued by... Continue Reading

Making of a Zoo!

Cheenu was rather a unique boy. He was restless, hyperactive, intelligent and notorious. He was kind hearted in his own way only that his acts of kindness often led to undesirable outcomes. During his childhood days he was a nightmare to those around him. Every now and then he would get a bright spark – so distinct... Continue Reading

Babu and Fluffy, the Kitten

Babu was like any other little boy of his age; tall, thin and charming with bright eyes and prominent ears. He went to school, played with friends, and did all the small things boys of his age were doing. He threw the same types of tantrums like his peers. Most of all, he disliked when his parents told him to do things... Continue Reading


Meena was sitting on the settee staring at the TV screen. Evening news was on, but nothing registered in her head. She was fretting over the row she had with her daughter Geethu the previous evening. Geethu was completing twenty six in a month and Meena was more than convinced that time was ripe for her daughter to settle down. Geethu was equally... Continue Reading

Count Your Blessings !

Gentle drizzle, scent of rain and chill weather greeted the day, which happened to be a Sunday. Naani was sitting on the window sill, watching the rain water drip from the hibiscus leaves. He was feeling hungry and grumpy, after throwing a tantrum over breakfast.... Continue Reading

Missing Piece of the Puzzle

Shoba stared at her reflection on the full length mirror. A commonplace, unremarkable woman looked back at her. She had a rather blunt nose, slightly prominent forehead, deeply set eyes, square chin and dark brown skin. Shoba sighed and wondered what if... Continue Reading

Culmination Point

Suresh woke up with a start to find cold water dripping from his face. He had a splitting hangover headache and tried to focus on what was happening. His wife, Santhi was standing by his side carrying an empty bucket. Her eyes were... Continue Reading

The Second Sight

Rajam leaned against the wall and continued her prayers as her fingers counted the basil beads of the rosary. She was a short, plump woman of sixty five or thereabouts with a broad face, rounded chin, short nose and a rather dark complexion. Invariably clad in a... Continue Reading ☛ 

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