Health Perles

Time and again I encounter similar questions pertaining to health from different quarters. These health concerns are often universal, either triggered by a personal health issue or illness of a known individual. I have also come across misconceptions regarding diseases, conditions, treatment options etc. When the joint family system was flourishing, elders in the family addressed some of these issues based on their experience. Gone are the days when the family doctor acted as a reference point for all these health concerns and questions. In this fast paced world, which leaves very little time for personal communication, internet has become 'the medium' for seeking answers for every issue under the sky! Furthermore, people neither have the time nor the inclination to read through long articles. Idea of 'Health Perles' was born out of these considerations. 'Health Perles' are short posts that provide concise information on commonly raised health concerns. 

Post titles are listed below. Click on the link to read the post.
  1. Walk your way to Health
  2. Beware of the dangers of 'Sugar'!
  3. Smoking Really Kills... 
  4. How much oil should you use? 
  5. Do you need calcium supplements? 
  6. Is monosodium glutamate (MSG) safe?  
  7. Walk your way to longer life !
  8. What are antioxidants? 
  9. Value of vegetarian Diet 
  10. Childhood Obesity
  11. Sitting Syndrome !
I hope you find the information provided in this section useful. Your comments and feedback on the posts are most welcome.

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