Both everyday mundane routine as well as rare unusual events you encounter have equal potential to stimulate contemplation. Well, at times such musings are worth sharing.

Tribute to a Delicious Breakfast! 

Only recently, it became apparent to me that memories can evoke strong physical reaction. The incident in question was an innocent visit to a famous restaurant in a south Indian temple town with my family. One of the breakfast items on the menu card read as... Continue Reading

Agonizing wait for the blossom

We had a large garden surrounding my childhood home in a small town on the foothills of western ghats. The soil (கரிசல் மண்) being very fertile, we managed to grow nearly 20 varieties of rose (ரோஜா), jasmine (மல்லிகை), few types of hibiscus (செம்பருத்தி)... Continue Reading

A "Wave of Change" is sweeping our country 

As I write this, media is abuzz with the 2014 Parliamentary election results, debating whether there was a "Modi wave" or not. However, the reports very clearly indicate... Continue Reading

Do we count our blessings? 

During our recent visit to a food court in a nearby mall, the parents seated in the next table were trying to persuade their children, who insisted on having biryani. I was reminded of the following incident, as I watched the children walk away leaving more than half the food... Continue Reading

House Sparrows

One of my favorite bed time stories starts as "Once there was a sparrow in a village...(ஒரே ஒரு ஊருலே ஒரு சிட்டுக் குருவி இருந்துதாம்...)". House sparrows used to be here, there and everywhere. In my parental home, they used to come in and go out of the verandah as they pleased through the grill opening. Once they even built a nest behind the photograph which was hung... Continue Reading

Monkey Trouble

Monkeys are fascinating animals, especially when you are fortunate enough to observe them in their habitat. The small town on the foothills of Western Ghats, where I grew up, was an abode for exotic flora and fauna, various animals and birds and numerous insects, to name a few. Of these, monkeys were notorious. As children we were lucky... Continue Reading

Badam Feast

During my recent visit to the supermarket, I found a pack labelled "Badam Feast" - an instant badam mix, famous product of a leading food manufacturer in India. Trying to choose between real almonds and the instant mix, my mind wandered to a different kind of "Badam Feast" I enjoyed as a child. When I was in the fourth grade, we moved...  Continue Reading

You have won a lottery!

My stars must have been ascendant or the planetary positions in my horoscope ought to be superb! I receive at least two mails a week announcing that I have won lotteries to the effect of one million dollars or a few crores of rupees! Lotteries that I have neither participated nor have known to exist… Mails coming from unknown people of diverse nationalities, from countries... Continue Reading

Precious Commodity – Clean water and Air!

Last week I visited Tirunelveli, a town in southern Tamil Nadu. In comparison to the Chennai metro, what struck me the most were lower noise levels as well as cleaner air and water! I could actually listen to chirping of birds, rustling of leaves and gentle blow of air amidst the general quiet. Once the morning departure of school and office goers died down, silence prevailed most of the time, occasionally... Continue Reading

Are our cities safe?

A couple of days ago, the media were abuzz with the news of yet another “murder for gain”. The latest victim of the heinous crime was Dr Emma Gonsalvez (82), a well known psychotherapist. What was her crime? She was a senior citizen, who lived alone. Last week a lady doctor was murdered for gain by a hired driver. We keep reading such news stories of ... Continue Reading   

Are we Healthy People?

This week, a couple of news items caught my attention. One was the demise of the ‘iron lady’ of Coimbatore, Mrs. C. Thayammal at the ripe old age of 117! She was believed to be one of the oldest
people in India. She had seen six generations of her family, comprising 186 members. According to the news account, she was independent and self-sufficient until... Continue Reading

Little Adventure in the Kitchen! 

During our childhood, summer vacations were very special as we spent a good one month at our grand parents' place. This was the time for adult reunion, while we children used to have great fun with our siblings and cousins. At any given time, there would be at least six to eight grand children of varying ages and sizes! Days were spent on....  Continue Reading

Moonlight Dinner

Moonlight dinner often has a romantic connotation. Nonetheless, there are different types of moonlight dinners that are memorable!We often spent our summer holidays in our grandparents’ place at Madurai. So, invariably we were there for ‘Chira powrnami’(சித்ரா பௌர்ணமி) – full moon in the first month of the Tamil calendar. Though Madurai town would be full of gaiety...  Continue Reading

Evolution of Attire - Reminiscence

Mark Twain said ‘Clothes make the man…” Similarly a popular Tamil proverb loosely translated notes “you are judged partly by the clothes you wear” (ஆள் பாதி ஆடை பாதி).Attire makes an important component of your personality... Continue Reading

Sparrows are back!

Good Morning! Well it is a rainy morning in Chennai. Sudden downpour, though for a short while, has brought relief from high humidity. Nonetheless, I was pleasantly surprised to see a little sparrow perched on my window. About time too...  Continue Reading

Nobel Peace Prize - 2014

Children are our future. They need to be nurtured, cared for, and given fair and equal opportunities for education and growth. Considering the economic, regional and social inequalities that plague our world, many children do lose out on what is their fundamental right... Continue Reading

Pongal or Harvest Festival

This year, we are about to celebrate the extended pongal festivities starting with ‘Bhogi’ (போகி பண்டிகை), which marks preparation for the harvest festival. On this day people... Continue Reading 


Several years ago, my friend came to stay with me for a week to complete pending professional work. One morning, while waking up, she asked me with plain astonishment, “Aren’t you bored to pick up milk and enter the kitchen every morning?”... Continue Reading
To Be or Not To Be?

Today, the 8th March, is the International Women’s Day. I am not yet convinced that we need a special day to celebrate womanhood. Be it a man or a woman, life has to be celebrated in all its glory every single day! However, as this day has attracted considerable attention... Continue Reading

Do 'miracles' really happen?

Sometimes one gets to read a really good news story! Today, I was happy to read the news item about the ‘Good Samaritan’ who had helped a girl reach her professional counselling on time and get admission to biotechnology course...  Continue Reading 

Chennai Now and Madras Then !

Today Chennai has completed 375 years since its creation and this day is celebrated as Madras day every year. Madras as I knew it had gradually changed to Chennai we see today...Continue Reading 

Letter to a Friend 
At times, contemplation on an event may result in significant ideas that are best shared in a personalized message. 'Letter to an anonymous friend' is most suited format for this purpose. Click on the title to read the message. Citizen's Responsibility 

It still pays to be honest! 

Last evening, when our Prime Minister Mr Modi announced that 500 and 1000 rupee notes will no longer be legal tender, my first reaction was "At last...".Continue Reading 

When my favorite library closed...

I had been a member of Eloor lending library, Chennai for almost two decades, and have had the pleasure of borrowing diverse titles including fiction, biography, art, psychology, health, self help and non-fiction. Over the years, the library with its ever increasing collection...Continue Reading 

Whose responsibility is it, anyway?
A fortnight ago, the gruesome rape and murder of a 26-year-old veterinary doctor in Hyderabad shook the nation. The perpetrators were four men aged between 20 and 24 years. Nothing much had changed since the 2012 Nirbhaya rape case in Delhi....Continue Reading 

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