Friday 16 May 2014

A "Wave of Change" is sweeping our country

As I write this, media is abuzz with the 2014 Parliamentary election results, debating whether there was a "Modi wave" or not. However, the reports very clearly indicate that there is indeed a "Wave of change" sweeping this country. People got tired of corruption, politics of convenience, state of economy and general state of degradation. A mood of despondency was setting in. People wanted a 'change for the better' and voted accordingly. This period reminds me of the post emergency phase. The public mood was almost similar though not as dramatic.

I hope that the incumbent government has the grace to take responsibility for the current state of affairs. The new dispensation has a tough job ahead. By giving a decisive mandate people of India has reposed faith in the new leadership. We trust and hope that the incoming government measures up to the expectations and brings about positive changes in economy, employment generation, alleviation of poverty, relationship with neighboring countries, homeland & national security, healthcare delivery and infrastructure development, not leaving out the often repeated poll promise of GROWTH.

May this change be the beginning of a new era of peace and prosperity for India!

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