Friday 23 May 2014

Lily Pond (அல்லிக்குளம்)

During the visits to our native village, we never failed to spend time near the lotus and lily ponds (தாமரை மற்றும் அல்லிக்குளம்). The water surface almost completely covered by the leaves, the flowers swaying with the gentle breeze, the dark water peeping out between the green foliage and the Sunlight accentuating colors and throwing mysterious shadows made a captivating sight. Though it has been many years since our last visit, beautiful impressions of the ponds stayed on. Hence, I painted "Lily Pond" using an old photograph as a reference, in 2003 or thereabouts.

“LILY POND” – Oil on canvas – 16”x 28”
In this oil painting I tried to capture the play of colors depicting the leaves, flowers, buds and water. There is a lot of scope to improvise this work, especially in capturing the mood, perhaps with a slightly different technique in the same medium. Hope I would be able to do justice to this memory one day.

Expanded view - Play of colors
Talking of lily pond, I am reminded of the the great impressionist painter Claude Monet, who had captured water lilies in different lights, creating a series of paintings. His handling of the medium had been bold and fresh. Magnificent works of art, exhibited in the famous museums across the globe! Indeed, one has a lot to learn from the masters.

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