Friday 20 June 2014

Agatha Christie

Agatha Christie is my all time favorite detective fiction writer.  Her plots are well thought out, characters are refreshing and her focus is invariably on unveiling the mystery. Agatha Christie’s ‘Whodunit stories’are as clean as you can get. Her characters are realistic and one can easily relate to them, irrespective of the period and milieu, where the story is set in. One can appreciate the worldly wisdom of Jane Marple as much as the sophisticated intellect of Hercule Poirot. What is most amazing is her understanding of human nature, which makes her characters plausible. Her attention to detail is phenomenal and as you read her books, it is evident that considerable research has gone into her plots!

Agatha Christie's well known books
Her personal life is equally enthralling and it gives us insight into the making of the great author. ‘Agatha Christie- An English Mystery’ by Laura Thompson makes an interesting read. 

I have read almost all her books, my favorites being ‘Murder on the Orient Express’, ‘Why didn’t they ask Evans?’ and ‘4:50 from Paddington’. Agatha’s work remains captivating, even after half a century. 

If you have a liking for detective fiction, I strongly recommend Agatha Christie’s novels. Have a great time!

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