Thursday 5 June 2014

Water Fall (அருவி)

Several waterfalls of the Western Ghats attract tourists. Of these, few waterfalls are situated close to the town, where I grew up. These waterfalls have heavy flow between June and September every year during the monsoon. The beauty of the Western Ghats, waterfall surrounded by tall trees and other vegetation, chirping birds, pure cool air and the continuous pleasant drizzle would create a surreal mood. We used to visit the waterfalls often, and spend time watching the water flow. As children we loved bathing in the waterfall and playing in the downstream.

I have always been fascinated by these waterfalls and they inspired some of my art work. Of the several waterfall paintings I have executed, this one is my favorite. I have used some photographs from my father's collection as references. Ideally onsite sketches should be used as references. Owing to the time constraint and logistic difficulties, I ended up using photographs.

“WATER FALL” – Oil on canvas – 24” X 24”
This oil painting was executed in 2001 with limited palatte - Titanium white, yellow ochre, burnt sienna, burnt umber and a touch of cobalt blue for the sky. In this painting, I have attempted to record my impressions and not recreate the actual scenery. Though I am satisfied with the execution of water flow, the stillness of the surrounding and larger than life view of the mountains and water are not captured fully. I hope some day, I will have the luxury of painting water falls onsite, at least with acrylic paint! 

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