Sunday 27 July 2014

Fusion (இணைவு)

As I have mentioned in my earlier post, I find temple sculptures awe inspiring and I have used some of these sculptures in my compositions. In this composition titled ‘Fusion’ (இணைவு), I juxtaposed the 'wonderment' captured in a temple sculpture with the wonderment expressed by a contemporary woman.
“FUSION” – Mixed media on paper – 20” X 28”
In this work completed in 2004, I had expressed a single emotion in two different time periods and used two different media to express the same. Adaptation of the temple sculpture was created with Indian ink using dry brush technique and the ornaments embossed with acrylic paint. In this composition, the contemporary woman was painted with acrylic paint using a palate knife. Even though I had painted 'Wonderment' separately (my earlier post dated 22.5.2014), I found this concept 'Fusion' quite appealing and hence, I decided to use the same motif for this composition as well. My acrylic palate was limited to Titanium white, yellow ochre, Crimson lake, burnt sienna and burnt umber.    

Despite having to work with a monochrome palate, I find working with Indian ink quite liberating. Though, I continue to experiment with acrylic paint, I find it less maneuverable. All the same, I would call this work experimental! 

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