Monday 4 August 2014

Paruppu Payasam (பருப்பு பாயசம்)

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Paruppu payasam (பருப்பு பாயசம்) is a traditional Brahmin recipe. Unlike most other payasam recipes I have shared so far, paruppu payasam is made with jaggery (வெல்லம்). It is tasty, wholesome and healthy! Paruppu payasam is generally made as part of the feast menu on auspicious days. 

Green gram (moong) dhal – ½ small hollow ladle or 25ml measure
Bengal gram (channa) dhal – ½ small hollow ladle or 25ml measure
Broken rice – ½ small hollow ladle or 25ml measure (அரிசிக்குருணை)
Ghee – 1 tablespoon
Milk – 1 tumbler or 200ml measure
Jaggery – powdered, ¾ tumbler or 150ml measure
Cardamom – 4 no
Cashew nuts – 1 teaspoon
Raisins – 1 teaspoon

Paruppu Payasam (பருப்பு பாயசம்)

Method: Powder jaggery and measure ¾ of a tumbler (150ml). Boil jaggery with 50ml of water in a vessel till it dissolves fully. Allow it to cool. Then pass the jaggery liquid through a strainer to remove impurities. Remove cardamom seeds and powder them using the mortar and pestle. Keep aside.

Fry green gram dhal, Bengal gram dhal and broken rice in 2 teaspoons of ghee till the dhals turn light brown in color. Switch off the fire. Add 1 tumbler (200ml) of water and cook in a pressure cooker for 6 minutes (6 whistles). Once the pressure subsides, remove the container and mix with jaggery liquid. Heat this mixture in a kadai on medium flame. Once the mixture boils, reduce the flame. Add milk and cardamom powder and mix well. Continue to cook on low flame. Once the mixture boils, switch off the stove. Heat the remaining ghee in a spice pan or tadka pan (தாளிக்கிற கரண்டி). Fry cashew nuts and raisins till the nuts turn light brown in color. Add the fried items to the payasam. Serve hot.

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