Thursday 11 September 2014

Palm Candy (பனங் கல்கண்டு)

Palm candy or palm sugar (பனங் கல்கண்டு) is traditionally used as an alternative sweetener for beverages. My grandmother used to have jaggery syrup ready at home for sweetening coffee or milk! Palm candy or sugar is also used to sweeten ‘sukku’ coffee (சுக்கு காபி) or milk. 

Palm candy is made from the sap of palm trees (palmyra palm - பனை மரம்). It is rich in calcium, iron and vitamin B2. Palm candy is brown in color, has subtle sweetness and a tinge of salty taste with a nice caramel like flavor.  

Palm Candy (பனங் கல்கண்டு)
Plam candy mixed with water makes a great cooler in summer months. In Ayurveda, palm candy is used to treat urinary problems and cough. My grandmother gave us palm candy for treating cough. Just keep a piece of palm candy in your mouth, let it soak and slowly eat it. Alternatively, you can mix palm candy with hot milk and drink it. This gives good relief from cough. 

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