Saturday 13 September 2014

Ruskin Bond

Ruskin Bond is one of my favorite Indian authors. His trademark wry humor makes his books enjoyable. While reading his narrative, one can connect easily with the incidents and locales. I particularly enjoyed ‘Roads To Mussoorie’, ‘The Room on the Roof’, ‘Landour Days – A writers Journal’, ‘Animal Stories’, ‘The Monkey Trouble’ and ‘Ghost Stories from the Raj’ to name a few.

I just finished reading ‘Maharani’ by Ruskin Bond. The author depicts the character of Her Highness Maharani of Mastipur, an arrogant, selfish and attractive woman from the perspective of an observer, a friend and an indulgent critic. The characters connected to H.H including her dogs(!), lovers, body guard and wastrel sons, in that order, are plausible and interesting. Stories relating to the long dead Maharaja of Mastipur add spice! Changing times indicated by burnt down hotel and closed cinemas are juxtaposed against the little change in the Maharani’s life. Other characters, who find place in the narrative like Pablo and his sister Anna are endearing. On the other hand, sister Clarrisa and the ‘ghost’ provide the mystery quotient. As always, the narrative is filled with wry humor and melancholy. Overall ‘Maharani’ made a delightful read. 

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