Thursday 9 October 2014

Piggy Back (உப்பு மூட்டை)

Children carry smaller ones on their back in a game called ‘Piggy Back’ (உப்பு மூட்டை). In this game, younger ones invariably enjoy the special status of being carried. More than a game, it also encourages the bonding between children. I have always enjoyed watching children play, their antics and their little joys. In this painting I tried to bring out the emotions of two children – the set face of the older girl due to the effort of carrying the little one and the curiosity of younger child peeping over the girl’s shoulders.

“PIGGY BACK” – Ink on paper – 14” X 17”
Executed using Indian ink on textured paper, I have relied more on the texture of the support to bring out the contrasts. Bold lines have been used to delineate the features and to detail the children’s hair in its natural glory. While the elements are placed in the foreground, background has been left untouched, which in fact adds to the composition.

‘Piggy Back’ is one of my personal favorites! 

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