Monday 24 November 2014

Easy Vegetable Sandwich

After a month of hectic professional work, I am happy to start serious blogging once again! Nearly a decade ago, electric chapatti maker became popular in Chennai. One would find the typical stall selling chapatti maker, complete with demonstration crew in almost every exhibition or fair. In the deft hands of the demonstrator, pulkas would puff up in no time on the machine! I was also bitten by this bug, and bought one promptly, with the hope that the new addition to my kitchen will save time.

Indeed, it did save time and pulkas puffed up as demonstrated, albeit after a few failed attempts. But, there was one small glitch! The pulkas never tasted the same as those made on direct fire. Heeding to the popular demand at home, I shifted to the traditional way of making pulkas and the chapatti maker joined the ranks of several unused kitchen appliances such as automatic vegetable cutter, electric blender and coconut grater etc.

Nonetheless, I have been trying to put the chapatti maker to use for quite some time and found some sensible ways of using this machine! If you have run out of cooking gas, you can use the chapatti maker for making dosas/adai. I also find this appliance quite handy for making sandwiches and I intend to share the method with you. This vegetable sandwich is indeed simple, and can be made with a regular tava as well. You can serve it as a snack or make it for breakfast. Here we go.

Ingredients: (For 1 sandwich)
Bread slices – 2 numbers
Tomato ketch-up – 1 tablespoon
Tomato slices – 4 No*
Onion – sliced, 1 teaspoon
Salted butter – 1 teaspoon
Grated cooking cheese – 1 teaspoon*
Salt – to taste
Pepper powder – to taste
Oregano – a pinch (optional)

*You may use sliced cucumber, capsicum or radish, lettuce, tomato and onion in desired combination and quantity.

*You may use one cheese slice instead of grated cooking cheese.

Easy Vegetable Sandwich

Method: Spread butter on one bread slice and tomato ketch up on the other slice. Arrange the vegetable slices on the buttered side. Sprinkle salt, pepper powder and oregano on the vegetables. Top it with grated cheese or cheese slice. Place the other bread slice on top the first one, with the ketch-up side touching the vegetables.

Prepared bread slices

Preheat the chapatti maker. Light goes off once it is ready. 

Electric chapatti maker!

Now place the sandwich on the bottom plate (Fig.1).

Fig.1: Place the sandwich on the bottom plate

lose the top plate over it (Fig.2). Wait  for 10-15 seconds.

Fig.2: Close the top plate over the sandwich
Lift the top plate and rotate the sandwich 900 and close the top plate over it once again. 

Fig.3: Sandwich turned golden brown

Wait for 10-15 more seconds. Lift the top plate, and you will find the golden brown sandwich. Remove the sandwich, cut it into halves and serve hot. Your easy vegetable sandwich ready in a jiffy!

How to clean the appliance: Once you finish making sandwiches, switch off the electrical supply and the let the machine to cool. Later, wipe the cooking surfaces with a damp cloth and allow it to dry. Bring the top and bottom plate together. Unplug the appliance and store in a dry place until next use.

Note: You may use the standard dosa tava instead of chapatti maker. Heat the tava on medium flame and place the sandwich on it. Wait till the bottom slice turns golden brown. Turn over cook the other slice in the same way. Remove from the tava.

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