Friday 26 December 2014

Folk Dance – Kolattam (கோலாட்டம்)

Kolattam (கோலாட்டம்) is a folk dance form performed with a pair of sticks. Traditionally, this art form is performed by girls and women for 10 days following Diwali festival, which culminates in a grand finale. On this day women and girls perform to traditional songs, moving in rhythmic steps forming various patterns such as snake, lotus etc as they go along. It is a treat to watch the synchrony of movements observed by all the participants, from little girls to grandmothers. A complex form of kolattam is performed with ropes with one end tied to the sticks, while the other end tied to a central pole, and the performers make exquisite patterns with the ropes by moving rhythmically in mathematical precision.

Folk Dance - 9" x 4" - Water color on paper
I have sketched the girl in typical traditional attire performing kolattam and quickly colored with water colors. I have used washes, ‘wet on dry’ in most places and ‘wet on wet in some areas. I like this tiny little work for the freshness of the image. 

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