Wednesday 24 December 2014

Green Peas Paruppu Usili (பச்சைப் பட்டாணி பருப்பு உசிலி)

'Paruppu usili' is one of the most popular and tasty preparations in Tamil Brahmin cuisine. A frequent item in the feast menu, this delicious preparation is rich in protein. Traditionally, this poriyal is prepared with cluster beans, broad beans, plantain flower or French beans. However, with changing times cabbage and cauliflower are also prepared in this manner. An erstwhile colleague used to bring paruppu usili made with cilantro or coriander leaves. Recently, 'sweet corn' paruppu usili was served in a wedding feast!

With green peas being readily available in the market and having a good stock of fresh green peas in the refrigerator, I was tempted to make paruppu usili with green peas. Well, it turned out to be a very tasty combination. Please click here for the recipe of paruppu usili. Just replace vegetables with 1 teacup (200ml measure) of shelled peas.

Green Peas Paruppu Usili (பச்சைப் பட்டாணி பருப்பு உசிலி)
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