Thursday 25 December 2014

Tomato Soup

A special meal is incomplete without a starter or a soup. Of the various soups that you can make, tomato soup is the easiest and the most popular one. You may serve tomato soup with buttered bread or even salad for breakfast or a light dinner. Though you can use any variety of tomato, Bangalore tomatoes work well for soup than the county tomatoes. Tomato soup can be made with ingredients that are readily available at home. Home-made tomato soup is fresh and tasty when compared to the ready-to-make packs. Let’s see how to make this soup.

Ingredients: (Serves two)
Tomatoes – large, 3 no
Onion – 1no, cut into cubes
Garlic – 1 pod
Salt – to taste
Pepper powder – to taste
Sugar – ½ teaspoon (optional)
Butter – 1 tablespoon
Dried basil – 1 teaspoon
Tomato Soup

Method: Wash the tomatoes and boil them in 2½ teacups (500ml) of water till the skin breaks. Switch off the stove and allow the tomatoes to cool. Cut onions into cubes and peel the garlic pod. Heat butter in a kadai/wok, add onions and garlic, and sauté till they start to brown. Switch off the fire.

Peel and discard the tomato skin; save the water used for boiling. Blend the tomatoes, onions and garlic into a thick puree using mixer-grinder. Add in salt, sugar and pepper powder. Mix well and transfer to the kadai. Add in the vegetable water and dried basil. Bring it to boil, and then simmer for 2 minutes. Your tomato soup is ready. Serve hot with toasted bread or soup sticks.

Note: You may add fried bread pieces to the soup. Cut a bread slice in to 1” sized cubes. Shallow fry these pieces in oil till they turn golden brown. Remove the fried pieces and place them on tissue paper for the excess oil to drain. Add 3-4 pieces to a bowl of soup just before serving.

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