Monday 5 January 2015

Corn Pulav (சோள புலாவ்)

Traditionally corn cob (சோளம்) is husked, roasted over fire, smeared with lime juice, spiced with chili powder and salt, and eaten as a snack. Roasted corn is extremely popular among all age groups. However, steamed corn kernels also make an enjoyable snack. Corn is rich in vitamins B complex and C, as well as minerals. Sweet corn has found a place in Indian cuisine and is used to make poriyal, sundal, curry, pulav, soup, salad etc. Of these, sweet corn pulav has a gentle taste and it goes well with any spicy gravy preparation. You can make this pulav as the main course for a special dinner. 

Corn kernels –1 teacup or 200ml measure
Long grain rice or Basmati rice – 2 tumblers or 400ml measure (பாஸ்மதி அரிசி)
Onions – 2 no, chopped finely
Cooking oil – 2 tablespoons
Salt – to taste
Bay leaf – 2 no (பிரிஞ்சி இலை)
Cinnamon – 1’ piece (லவங்கப்பட்டை)
Star aneez – 1 no (அன்னாசி மொக்கு)
Poppy seeds – 1 teaspoon (கசகசா)
Fennel seeds/ Saunf – 1 teaspoon (சோம்பு)
Cardamom – 3no (ஏலக்காய்)
Cloves – 3no (கிராம்பு)
Garam masala – 1 teaspoon
Coriander leaves – chopped, 1 tablespoon

For the coconut milk:
Coconut – white meat of half a coconut
Green chilies – 2 no

Corn Pulav (சோள புலாவ்)
Method: Remove the white meat from coconut half and cut it into small pieces. Grind coconut pieces with green chilies and ½ tumblers (100ml) of water into a very fine paste. Add 100ml of water to the paste, mix well and pass through a strainer into a bowl. Squeeze the coconut residue left in the strainer with a spoon to extract coconut milk. Keep aside.

Heat oil in the handi or pressure pan; add star aneez, cinnamon, cardamom, cloves and bay leaves and sauté for a minute. Add poppy seeds and fennel seeds and sauté for 20 seconds. Add chopped onions and fry till they start to brown. Add the corn kernels and sauté for a minute. Wash the rice well, drain and add to the handi or pan. Fry for 2 minutes. Add coconut milk and garam masala. Mix well. Now add 1½ tumbler (300ml) of water and salt to the fried items. Mix well. Close the handi or pressure pan, and cook for 6 whistles or 5 minutes. Switch off the fire. Allow the pressure to subside. Open the lid and gently mix the pulav with a fork. Garnish with coriander leaves. Serve hot with vegetable kuruma or any other gravy. 

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