Thursday 16 April 2015

Girl with Blue Ribbons

Ink, though difficult to manipulate, is a fascinating medium. Indian ink (black) is slightly thicker in consistency and hence, is well suited for dry brush technique. You can build different tones on the support as the ink keeps drying. But, other colored inks are thin and fast drying. Hence, they are very difficult to manipulate, when you use dry brush. However, I found some success while using colored ink in washes. Furthermore, this technique makes the whole process cumbersome. Moreover, the colors are not as fresh or bright as other media.

Nonetheless, I have tried using colored ink successfully with a nib or in washes, especially when I wanted to use just one other color in a monochrome work.  

Girl with Blue Ribbons - Indian ink on paper - 14" x 17"
In this work, after completing the painting of the girl with Indian ink using dry brush technique on textured paper, I had painted the blue ribbons with blue ink in washes. This had made the ribbons stand out against an otherwise monochrome background.

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