Monday 8 June 2015

Chris Kuzneski

Chris Kuzneski was recommended by the librarian when I was searching for new titles and authors to read. I first selected ‘The Prophecy’ simply because it was about Nostradamus, who always triggered my curiosity. Well, it was worth the read, and I followed it up with ‘The Death Relic’ and ‘The Forbidden Tomb’.

The basic theme of these books is the same, wherein the protagonists go on a mission searching for a historical relic and they encounter adventures on the way! Though somewhat similar to Dan Brown’s approach, these books are neither as fast paced nor offering history lessons! The author talks enough about the history of the relics and locations to keep the reader interested. I find the detailing of arms and ammunition rather tiresome, though some may see it engaging.

The lead pair Jonathon Payne and David Jones of ‘The Death Relic’ and ‘The Prophecy’ are endearing with their quirky banter. Equally endearing character in these books is the historian, Petr Ulster. I like them better than the Hunters of ‘The Forbidden Tomb’. Though in my opinion, Jasmine Park’s death may have been avoided in ‘The Forbidden Tomb’, the leadership qualities of Jack Cobb and commitment of Josh McNutt are brought out very well. In all these books, the narration never falters. The stories are set in different cities, countries and continents, and the author has researched well to make the setting and plot authentic.

The titles I have read so far are not the kind that you are compelled to finish in one go. On the contrary, these books are the ones that would read in a comfortable pace savoring information as you go along. Well, I am planning to read the other titles (The Secret Crown, Sign of the Cross, Sword of God etc.,) as well. Go on, pick one and find it out for yourself!

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