Wednesday 3 June 2015

Indian Ink Abstracts

Though most of my work is rooted in realism, I did attempt at abstraction occasionally for the sheer pleasure of execution. Bringing out an idea, without the compulsion of having to create the exact imagery is truly liberating. Though aesthetically appealing, I am not always sure whether I could connect with the viewer through my abstract work. Nonetheless, one of my abstract works ‘The Waves’ was sold in an exhibition!

‘The weeds’ is my depiction of wildness, executed in Indian ink on textured paper using dry brush technique. Base of the subject is left unfinished to indicate expansive energy.
The Weeds - Indian ink on paper - 14" x 17"
 ‘Growth’ is attempt to show the individual’s journey at personal growth shedding layers and layers of emotional baggage. The center is darker to indicate the depth one needs to explore. Indian ink had helped to create the somber mood of the work.

Growth - Indian ink on paper - 14" x 17"
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