Monday 5 October 2015

Art Prevails - Madhubani Style

While volunteering at one of the galleries exhibiting Indian folk paintings as part of an ‘Art Festival’, I had encountered this scene and made a quick on-site sketch. Different art forms such as ‘Madhubani’, ‘Pattachitra’, ‘Rajsthani miniature paintings’ etc were exhibited in different galleries during this festival, which was an attempt to popularize the traditional Indian art as well as to help the artists. The organizers had arranged for the live demo of 'creating art' by the traditional artists in each of these galleries. The artists worked in their conventional style using natural dyes creating specific motifs and compositions.  

Art Prevails - Ink on Paper - 24" x 18" - 2002
‘Art prevails’ was developed from the above-mentioned sketch. Executed using ink on paper, this painting depicts a folk artist working with absorption sitting in the gallery, while the visitors are busy in their own way! Only the child is attracted towards the art work, indicating the hope future holds for traditional Indian art forms. I have used “madhubani’ style line work in this painting, while keeping the forms contemporary. In addition, I have used linear perspective in my composition, whereas the traditional Indian art exhibits multiple perspectives. Brush work with colored ink has been used to highlight paintings exhibited in the gallery. In short, this painting is a result of my contemporary training, juxtaposed with the intricate Indian folk style. 

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