Monday 26 October 2015

Portrait of a Woman

Pastels make a versatile medium, especially dry pastels. They are useful in creating realistic portrayal of the subject, more so when you blend the colors with your fingers! I enjoy trying out different media on different supports to study the subjects, so that I get the feel of the media. Moreover, this exercise helps me to determine the right medium to be used for a given subject, element or the whole composition. 

Dry pastel on paper - 13" x 16" - 2003
This is one of what I call the ‘practice paintings’. I created this painting using dry pastels on textured color paper, while a photo served as the reference. The color of the support is left untouched in some areas to capture light tones. Though I have used limited palette for this work, I am happy with the outcome as I have managed to capture both the mood and depth.

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