Monday 2 November 2015

Onion Cheese Sandwich

Sandwich is easy to make, but one gets bored with the usual spreads, jellies and jams too soon. Onion cheese sandwich is a quick recipe that can offer the much needed variety to your breakfast. What’s more? you can make it in 10-15 minutes with minimal ingredients. Here’s how you make this sandwich.

Ingredients: (Makes two sandwiches)

Onion – large, 1 no
Cooking cheese – grated, 2 tablespoons
Salt – to taste
Red chilli flakes – ¼ teaspoon (adjust to taste)
Butter – 1 teaspoon
Dried basil – ¼ teaspoon
Bread slices – 4 no

Method: Chop the onion into small pieces. Heat butter in a microwave safe bowl on medium high for 1 minute. Remove from the microwave oven. Add in onion pieces and salt. Mix well with the butter using a dry spoon. Cook in the oven on micro-high for 2 minutes (Fig.1).

Fig.1: Onion pieces cooked in butter
Add in grated cheese, red chilli flakes and basil. Blend the contents together. Cook in the oven on micro-high for 3 minutes (Fig.2).

Fig.2: Onion cheese spread
Spread half of the onion-cheese spread on one bread slice. Cover it with another slice. Repeat the process with the remaining spread and slices. Heat a tava or a pan on medium flame. Place the sandwich on it and cook till the bottom slice turns golden brown. Gently turn it over and cook the other side the same way. You may use a sandwich toaster instead of cooking on a tava. Once you have toasted both the sandwiches, diagonally cut them into halves and serve hot with tomato ketch up.

Onion Cheese Sandwich
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