Monday 11 January 2016

Dawn and Dusk

I have always found that silhouette can present a scene powerfully at times. Nonetheless, it is not always easy to get a silhouette painting right. Here are two silhouette paintings that were executed years apart, but sharing similar theme. I had used different photographs as reference material for creating these art works.

‘Dawn’ was painted using mixed media on paper. Background was created by multiple layers of water color washes using ‘wet on dry’ technique. While the foreground was completed using poster colors in ‘gouache’ or opaque method.  
Dawn - Mixed media on paper - 14" x 20"
“Dusk’ was painted with only two colors in a minimalistic approach. This water color painting was created using ‘wet on dry’ and ‘wet on wet’ techniques as required by the composition.

Dusk - Water color on paper - 14" x 20"
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