Tuesday 19 January 2016

Fruit Basket

Ananda stood in front of his Guru. There was a basket of mangoes at Guru’s feet. Some mangoes were ripe, while most others were raw.

“Ananda, several pupils are complaining that you are calling them names and using bad words. Is that true?” Guru asked gently.

Ananda meekly nodded his head and looked down.

“Very well my child, have a mango...”

Ananda couldn’t believe his ears as he was expecting to be punished.

“Go on... have a mango...” Guru urged with a smile.

Ananda picked a mango from the basket.

“Why have you picked a ripe mango, Ananda?” Guru asked kindly.

“Because ripe ones are sweet and tasty, Sir...” replied Ananda.

“So you won’t choose a raw mango when a ripe fruit is available... Isn’t it?” Guru enquired.

“Yes Sir...” Ananda nodded his head.

“Why do you then use bad words, when you know so many good words? Using bad language does not make you a tough guy... It only shows you in poor light...” Guru looked at him with tenderness and love.

A little while later, Ananda left Guru’s presence carrying a ripe mango and a wonderful message.

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