Wednesday 9 March 2016

Bangle Seller (வளையல் வியாபாரி)

Bangles (வளையல்) form an important accessory to an Indian woman's attire. Traditionally, other than gold bangles women wore bangles made of glass, lac (அரக்கு), and at times silver, which were preferred during pregnancy and child birth for protection (காப்பு). Modern bangles, however, are made of plastic or different metals in multiple colors and designs, and are sold in fancy stores. Nonetheless, traditionally, it was the bangle seller (வளையல் வியாபாரி), who brought bangles of various designs, make and colors to the woman's doorstep.

This painting depicts the bangle seller displaying his ware to the customers. Executed using mixed media in Madhubani style, this painting shows in detail the milieu of a rural home and women in traditional clothing. I have used single color - burnt sienna (water color) to make the elements of the composition stand out.

Bangle seller - Mixed media - 14" x 20"
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