Saturday 16 April 2016

Life Lesson

Malu sat on the cosy chair watching the telly. Her favourite cartoon was on. Grandma, who was sitting on the floor next to her, looked up and asked,

“Malu... Why don’t you get my medicine box? It is in the bedroom...”

Grandma having finished her day’s work looked tired and was nursing her sore feet. Malu turned and looked in the direction of the bedroom and said, “Grandma... I can’t...”

Grandpa, put down the book he was reading. “Why can’t you fetch the medicines, Malu?”

“Because, it’s dark in there... I’m scared of darkness...” Malu shuddered.

Grandpa smiled and said, “Come... my child... Hold my hand...”

He led Malu into the dark bed room. Malu was terrified. Grandpa gently pressed her hand and said, “Touch and feel around... Tell me what’s there... Don’t be scared... I’m staying next to you...”

Malu gingerly felt the objects and said, “Here’s the bed... Hmm... The side table... Book... Ha... Grandma’s medicine box...” She grabbed the medicine box. Just then, grandpa switched on the light and gently told her, “Look around, Malu... You find the same things in the room  both in the darkness as well as in light... So, you need not be afraid of darkness...”

Malu smiled and nodded her head, “Grandpa, from now on, I won’t be frightened in the dark...”

Well, Malu had learnt a life lesson that would stay with her forever.

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