Saturday 30 April 2016

Still Life - Flower Vase

Still life is the best method to study different elements, and it helps the artist to hone his/her skills. I wish to share a few still life studies of flower vase using different media.

Pink flower in a vase

Pencil imparts a lyrical quality to the image, and it brings out the tonal nuances in the best possible way. In this study the vase was drawn with charcoal pencil, while the flower, bud and the leaves were created using pastels, resulting in a quite pleasing effect.

Pink flower in a vase - Mixed Media on paper - 12"x15"
Study of flowers 

I set out to paint flowers on a hot summer day. I arranged white gladiolus flowers and contrasting red daisy flowers against a dark background.  I had to finish the study in the same day before the flowers started to wither. By the time I completed the painting the flowers started wilt and a few leaves had fallen! Nonetheless, I enjoyed creating this water color painting.

Study of flowers - water color on paper - 12"x15"
Blue flowers 

This was an attempt to paint blue iris using water color.  I had learnt somewhat successfully to paint blue iris flowers using ‘wet on wet’ technique in this very early water color study. 

Blue flowers - Water color on paper - 12"x15"
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