Friday 16 September 2016

Oats Cutlet

I have been experimenting with oats for some time now. With a depression in the Bay of Bengal causing downpour, we were quite tempted to have a hot snack for the evening. So, I decided to make oats cutlets with the available ingredients. Voila, it turned out to be yummy. Give it a try!

Rolled oats - 1 teacup or 200ml measure
Onion- 1no, small, finely chopped
Green chili - 1 no, chopped
Bread slices - 2 no
Salt - to taste
Pav bhaji masala - 1 teaspoon
Soar curds - 1 tablespoon
Oil - for frying

Method: Roast rolled oats in a kadai/ wok for 2 minutes. Allow it to cool. Later, powder it using a mixer-grinder. Keep aside.

Soak bread slices in water for 2 seconds, remove immediately and squeeze out excess water. Place in a bowl and mash nicely. Add powdered oats, salt and curds and  mix well. Add chopped onion, green chili and pav bhaji masala. Blend well to form a firm dough (Figure 1).

Fig.1: Cutlet Dough
Divide the dough into 6 equal parts, and shape into cutlets. Shallow fry in oil till they turn golden brown on both sides. Remove from the oil and place them on tissue paper. Serve hot with tomato ketchup.

Fig.2: Oats Cutlet
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