Friday 27 January 2017

Boom Boom Maadu (பூம் பூம் மாடு)

Boom-boom maadu (பூம் பூம் மாடு) is an ox that nods its head based on the instructions from its master known as boom-boom maatukaaran (பூம் பூம் மாட்டுக்காரன்). The ox is generally decorated with bright cloths, bells and jewellery. The master carries a drum and makes a booming sound by forcefully rubbing its sides with a curved stick. He asks the performing animal questions, usually about the fortune of the patron and the animal is trained to vigorously nod its heads making the bells chime. In return, the patron makes offerings to the animal and its master.

Boom-boom maadu and its performance is a spectacular sight, and used to be quite common in rural areas and small towns. All these years, I have not come across one in Chennai city. This drawing of ‘boom-boom maadu’ was executed with color pencils way back in 2003. I am happy to share this work from my sketch book.

Boom-boom maadu (பூம் பூம் மாடு)- Color pencil on paper - 14" x 17"
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