Saturday 14 January 2023

Dhal Poli (பருப்பு போளி)

I have already shared how to make "Coconut Poli" (தேங்காய் போளி) long ago. Today, let us see how to make another type of poli called "Dhal Poli" (பருப்பு போளி).  


For dhal filling:

Bengal gram dhal - 100 ml measure or ½ cup

Powdered jaggery - 100 ml measure or ½ cup

Cardamom - 2 no, powdered

Grated coconut - 1 tablespoon

For outer layer:

Maida or all purpose flour - 150 ml measure or ¾ cup

Salt - a generous pinch

Oil - as needed

Turmeric powder - ⅛ teaspoon

Ghee - for cooking


Dhal Filling: Wash and pressure cook Bengal gram dhal with 100 ml of water for 7 minutes. Mash the cooked dhal. Mix with other ingredients in a kadai and cook on low flame till the contents become a mass. Remove from fire and allow it to cool. Divide the filling into 12 equal parts. Keep aside.

Outer layer: Mix maida, salt and turmeric powder in a bowl, add required water and knead into a soft dough. Add 1 tablespoon of oil and knead well. Divide into 12 equal parts and shape them into balls.

How to make poli: Place a dough ball on a plate. Apply oil on it and flatten into a 4" circle using your fingers. Place a part of the filling in the center and bring the edges of the dough layer together on top of the filling. Press down and gently flatten into a 8" circle by applying oil on the surface. Repeat the process with the remaining dough balls.

Place the poli on a pre-heated tava. Apply ghee along the edges and cook till brown spots appear on both sides. Serve hot as a snack or as part of the feast menu.

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