Tuesday 26 March 2024

Hand-pounded Rice (கைக்குத்தல் அரிசி சாதம்)

When paddy is pounded manually, husk (உமி) is removed and the resultant hand-pounded rice (கைக்குத்தல் அரிசி) retains rice bran (தவிடு) and endosperm. When compared to white polished rice, hand-pounded rice retains greater quantity of fiber, vitamin and minerals. Hence, it is a better alternative to white rice.


Rice – 1 measure*

Water – 4 measures

*Hand-pounded rice is light brown in color.

How to cook hand-pounded rice in an electric rice cooker: Wash the hand-pounded rice well in running water three or four times. Soak the rice for one hour in water. Later, drain fully and transfer the rice to the rice cooker vessel and add 4 parts of water. Cover with the lid provided. Switch on the rice cooker and shift the button to cook mode. Once the rice is cooked, the switch automatically changes to warm mode. Before serving the rice, allow it stay in the warm mode for at least 15 minutes. Cooked hand-pounded rice has a nutty aroma and slightly rough texture.

Note: Hand-pounded rice takes longer time to cook than the white rice.  

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