Saturday 26 April 2014

Home made remedies (கை வைத்தியம்)

My great grand mother, also by name Mrs. Rangammal (ரங்கம்மாள்), was a medicine women (மருத்துவச்சி). She was a young widow with two growing sons. Yet, she was well respected and sought-after for her healing skills. An amazing woman and a professional in her own right, she managed to live with dignity at her own terms in per-independent India, a time when woman's place was considered to be home. I was not fortunate enough to meet her. As we do not have the habit of documenting information, most of her knowledge of native medicine was lost. Nonetheless, some information trickled down to younger generations, which I wish to share through this platform. You will find the list of home made remedies by clicking the 'Index of Recipes'. 

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