Saturday 26 April 2014

Measures (அளவுகள்)

Traditionally, girls received hands-on training in cookery from mothers or grand mothers, and thus they learnt to cook instinctively. My grandmother used to say "Learn to measure with your eyes and hands ..." ("கண்ணளவு கையளவு"). However, it is safer to measure the quantity of the ingredients while cooking, lest we may end up with an unpalatable product. In my experience, it is easier to measure ingredients as per volume than weight.

The following 'measures' are readily available in the kitchen and they work well for me. You may try these 'measures'.

A tumbler (குவளை) – normally used in South Indian homes with 200ml capacity
A teaspoon (தேக்கரண்டி) – 5 ml
A tablespoon (மேஜைக்கரண்டி) – 15 ml

Teaspoon (L) - Tablespoon (M) - Tumbler (R)
Tea cup (தேநீர் கோப்பை) – standard cup has 200 ml capacity

Standard teacups with 200ml capacity
Small hollow ladle (சின்ன குழிக்கரண்டி)50 ml (standard size.1)
Big hollow ladle (பெரிய குழிக்கரண்டி)75 ml (standard size.4)

Hollow ladles - Small (Left) and Big (right)
Alternatively, you may use the 'standard measures' available in the market. The set displayed here from left to right include 200ml cup, 100ml cup, 80ml cup, 50ml cup, tablespoon (15ml), teaspoon(5ml), half teaspoon (2.5ml) and quarter teaspoon (1.25ml)

Standard measures - 200ml (extreme left) to 1.25ml (extreme right)
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