Thursday 23 April 2015

Domestic Scenes

I often find that scenes from everyday life can make good subjects for paintings. Here are a few domestic scenes executed with Indian ink on textured paper using dry brush technique and darker lines to accentuate wherever required. These are practice paintings, with an idea of incorporating the elements in a larger composition, which has not happened so far!

Combing Hair – Having thick locks is considered a beauty asset in India. Mothers tend to take good care of their daughters hair health, preparing special herbal oils and hair wash powders as well as personally caring for the hair. Hence, it is a common sight in most homes to find mothers combing their daughter’s hair with love and care. I have tried to depict this scene in this work.

Combing Hair - Indian ink on paper- 14" x 17"
Feeding the child – You would find mothers or grandmothers looking after the toddlers and babies in south Indian families. In this work, I have shown the grandmother comforting the little baby on her lap, while overseeing the older child eating his breakfast. I have deliberately shown the back of the grandmother, while the presence of baby on her lap is implied by her body posture.
Feeding the child  - Indian ink on paper- 14" x 17"
Woman in kitchen – Cooking on the firewood oven is still prevalent in our villages. This work shows the traditional way of cooking, along with the utensils and other paraphernalia required.

Woman in the kitchen - Indian ink on paper- 14" x 17"

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