Wednesday 22 April 2015

Wheat Jaggery Dosa (கோதுமை வெல்ல தோசை)

Wheat jaggery dosa (கோதுமை வெல்ல தோசை) makes an ideal evening snack for children. You can make this dosa in a really short time, and this is one of my favorite recipes. Wheat jaggery dosa is tasty and filling. Kids just love it. Why don’t you give it a try?

Wheat flour – 3 big hollow ladle or 225ml measure
Raw rice flour – 1 big hollow ladle or 75ml measure
Jaggery (Gur) – powdered, 3 big hollow ladle or 225ml measure*
Cardamom – 3no
Ghee – for making dosas
Coconut – finely grated, 2-3 tablespoons (optional)

*If you like the dosa to be very sweet, you may use 4 big hollow ladle or 300ml measure of jaggery

Note: The ingredients mentioned here make approximately 8 dosas. However, the number of dosas depends on the size of the dosa tava you use and the size of the dosa you make.

Method: Heat powdered jaggery in two tumblers (400ml) of water, stirring every now and then. Once the jaggery dissolves fully, switch off the stove and filter through a sieve to remove any impurities. Allow the jaggery water to cool down to room temperature.

Remove the cardamom seeds and powder them finely using the mortar and pestle. Mix wheat flour, rice flour and cardamom powder in a bowl.  Add the jaggery water. Use a hand blender and mix very well taking care that no lumps are formed. At this stage, you may add grated coconut to the batter and mix well. The batter should be slightly thick and of pouring consistency. If it is thin, you will find it difficult to make dosas.
Wheat Jaggery Dosa Batter
How to prepare dosas: Heat the dosa tava on medium flame. Mix the batter well before using. 
Once the tava is hot, pour one big hollow ladleful of batter on the center of the hot tava and gently spread it around in circular motions with the ladle. Pour a teaspoon of ghee around the dosa. Now, reduce the flame. Allow it to cook till the edges turn golden brown in color. Lift the dosa gently with a spatula and turnover to cook the other side. Remove from fire.  Serve hot.
Wheat Jaggery Dosa (கோதுமை வெல்ல தோசை)
Note: If the tava is very hot you may not be able to spread the dosa with the ladle.

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