Monday 22 June 2015

Raga Anandabhairavi (ஆனந்தபைரவி)

Anandabhairavi is one of the oldest ragas and is a janya raga derived from 20th melakartha - raga natabhairavi. As the name implies, this raga makes the listener happy. Personally I find this raga to be melodious and soothing to both mind & senses. This raga is used in compositions like ragamalikas and lullabies.

My favorite song set in this raga is 'Paluke Bangaramayena' composed by Bradrachala Ramadas. Listen to this wonderful rendering by Dr Balamuralikrishna. Alapana is especially enjoyable. The singer just makes you soak in this melodious raga.

Bombay Jayashri's rendering of 'O Jagadhamba' composed by Shyam Shastri is gentle, melodious and soul stirring.

'Kshirasagara vihara', a classic composition by Thyagaraja is a popular song. Here's the melodious rendering of this song by Dr Balamuralikrishna, which touches a chord deep inside you.

‘Singara Velavan Vandhaan’ is a beautiful composition by Papanasam sivan. Listen to the excellent recording of Sudha Ragunathan's rendering of this song, which makes you sway with the music!

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