Tuesday 18 August 2015

Chocolate Pudding

Everybody loves chocolates as well as chocolate flavor. Hence, most people enjoy chocolate pudding. Adding cocoa to the pudding lends the unique chocolate flavor and taste, which is further enhanced by topping the pudding with grated chocolate. Interestingly cocoa powder is rich in minerals and flavanoids! You can bake a variation of chocolate pudding by adding nuts to the batter. Chocolate pudding can be served as a dessert alone or along with ice cream. Kids simply love this pudding! So, how to bake this yummy dessert? Here we go…

All purpose flour or maida – ½ teacup or 100ml measure
Sugar – ¼ teacup or 50ml measure
Sour curds – teacup or approximately 65ml
Cocoa powder – 2 teaspoons
Cooking soda – a pinch
Baking powder – ½ teaspoon
Plain butter – 25 grams
Vanilla essence – few drops
Butter – for greasing
Milk chocolate – 20gms, for topping

Method – preparing the batter: Sieve flour, cocoa powder, cooking soda and baking powder together 4-5 times. Keep aside. Keep the milk chocolate refrigerated, preferably in the freezer compartment. 

Powder sugar finely using the mixer-grinder and transfer it to a bowl. Add butter and vanilla essence to the bowl and beat with ladle or hand blender till the mixture turns creamy. Add curds to the mixture, and beat the contents together till the mixture has uniform creamy texture. Now add flour mixture little by little while beating continuously till all the flour is added up. The batter should be dense and of slightly thicker consistency.

Pudding batter
Grease a microwave safe bowl (approximately 6” in diameter) with butter. Add in the pudding batter and gently shake the bowl so that the batter settles evenly. 

Baking instructions: Preheat the microwave oven using the convection mode at 200oC for 2 minutes. Place the bowl on the turn table and bake at 200oC using the convection mode for 15 minutes or till the pudding separates from the sides.

Once baked, remove the pudding from the oven and allow it to cool. Finally, grate the milk chocolate over the pudding using a fine grater. Your chocolate pudding is ready! Cut the pudding into quarters and serve with a scoop of vanilla ice cream.

Chocolate Pudding
Variation РChocó-Cashew Pudding: You may use broken cashew nuts instead of milk chocolate. Top the pudding batter with broken cashew nuts. Alternatively you may mix broken cashew nuts with the pudding batter before transferring it to baking bowl. Proceed with the recipe as detailed above.

Choco-Cashew Pudding
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