Wednesday 19 August 2015

Waiting at the door step...

Children often look forward to their parents’ return from work, at times awaiting for some goodies or simply to enjoy their company. If a parent is away for a long time, kids long to see him/her. This is precisely the emotion that I tried to capture in this painting, which depicts a little girl waiting at the doorstep for her father. The girl's mother is shown in the background, indicating the security the child feels.

I had chosen Indian ink as the medium since it is versatile, especially for creating tonal values. Dry brush work on textured paper helped create the required depth, and I managed to capture the longing in the girl’s eyes and demeanor.

“WAITING AT THE DOORSTEP” – Ink on paper-14” X 17”
This painting was displayed at Manasthala Foundations as part of the exhibition on the theme of “Mother and Child”, and this photograph was taken while the painting was on display. I do not have any other photograph of this painting and hence, please bear with the quality of the photograph!

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