Wednesday 23 September 2015

Mudakathan Keerai (முடக்கத்தான் கீரை) or Balloon Vine

Mudakathan Keerai (முடக்கத்தான் கீரை) is a medicinal herb that is traditionally used to treat joint pain. It is called ‘balloon vine’ as its seed pods look like balloons! Scientifically known as Cardiospermum Halicacabum, this herb is also called ‘indravalli’ and it grows wildly in countryside. In the cities, it is often available in the neighborhood vegetable market.  

Mudakathan Keerai (முடக்கத்தான் கீரை ) or Balloon Vine
Medicinal uses: Balloon vine is rich in calcium and has anti-inflammatory, analgesic and laxative properties. In native Indian medicine, mudakathan keerai is used to treat joint pain, body pain, constipation, skin problems, ear pain and dandruff. 

How to use: Generally a decoction or extract (கஷாயம்) of this herb is recommended for joint pain. Dry powder of mudakathan keerai is also available in the market. However, traditionally dosa made with fresh balloon vine leaves is used as a home remedy for joint pain. Moreover, you can also make rasam or chutney using this keerai. It has a mild bitter taste, which is not pronounced when cooked. 

Mudakathan leaves with balloon like seedpods!
How to store: Fold the balloon wine leaves in a paper napkin and keep it in a plastic cover. Store this cover in the refrigerator. Take the required quantity and place the remaining leaves back in the refrigerator.

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