Sunday 24 January 2016

The Midget and the Owl

“Midget... Midget... Midget...” the boys chorused as they ran behind a puny little boy and Babu was one among them. When they turned the corner of the building Babu spotted his mother standing at the school gate and started running towards her.

“What is this ruckus all about?” Mommy asked him on their way home.

“We were just ragging Madhu... He is very short you know...” Babu added with emphasis “He is the shortest in the class...”

Babu was a seven year old boy with large eyes and black hair, and incidentally was on the taller side.

“Babu, it is rude to laugh at physical differences... Some kids are short and some are tall... It is quite alright to be short...” Mommy said firmly and added, “Remember, these boys may make fun of you tomorrow...”

“Hmm...I am not short...” Babu thought ruefully.

Few months later, Babu brought home the health card from the school. Mommy frowned as she read it. “Babu, we need to take you to an eye doctor...”

The next day Babu went with his parents for eye check-up and ended up wearing a pair of spectacles. Daddy secured his glasses with a cord strap that went around his neck. Now Babu could see his favourite cartoons on television very clearly and he was happy with his new spectacles with bright red frame.

“You look smart, my dear...” Mommy said as she dropped him at the school. However, some boys in his class did not think so. By evening, Babu became the object of ridicule and the boys were making fun of him by chanting “Owl... Owl... Owl...”

Babu was crying by the time he reached home. Mommy sat by his side and said kindly, “Each child is unique and special... As I told you the other day, it is rude to laugh at physical differences... These boys just don’t know that... You look really smart and handsome wearing glasses and you see better with them... That is what matters the most... You are not an owl... So, do not respond, if they call you names... Do not let it upset you... In a few days, they will get bored and stop making fun of you...”

Mommy hugged him tightly and said “Both daddy and mommy love you so much...” Babu was already feeling much better.

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